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Summer is almost here

16 May

It feels like it will be Summer soon. The next few days are supposed to be nice, sunny and mid-teens to twenties, which is always nice! It makes me wish that I had bought my deckchair a while back, rather than waiting until I have no money! I’m going home next weekend and the tickets were much more expensive than normal, so that’s £26 less for me to spend.


Photo Projects

21 Feb

Busy, busy, busy. I’ve been writing my dissertation, going on a little sojourn to London with Giles, going out and about, and working. I’m going to segregate my blogs by topic, so here is one on artistic things:

I have a new project in the works. In essence, it’s two projects- about the two towns/cities that I live in, Coventry and Romford (anonymity, where did you go?). Coventry can be a bit of a monster of concrete, which I find interesting. I’ve got a few places in mind to take photos- a subway, a building which I think used to be part of Coventry Polytechnic but now looks pretty condemned, and so on. The Romford part will be easier, having lived there for my whole life, of course.  I’m currently deciding how to go about the project though- whether it should be in colour or black and white, or a mix or both. I currently have an almost full roll of B&W in my camera, so it seems quite likely that I shall just use that.

I never like to talk about projects, mainly because I often don’t finish (or never get around to starting) them, and it makes me feel foolish when people ask about them. I’m also never sure what to do with them once I’ve finished, but I guess I’ll stick it up on here and flickr and people can look at them if they like. I’ve got lots of photos on my camera and my iPhone that I need to put up as well, so hold this space.