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Summer is almost here

16 May

It feels like it will be Summer soon. The next few days are supposed to be nice, sunny and mid-teens to twenties, which is always nice! It makes me wish that I had bought my deckchair a while back, rather than waiting until I have no money! I’m going home next weekend and the tickets were much more expensive than normal, so that’s £26 less for me to spend.


Chocolate Button Biscuits

5 May

Having finished and handed in my last undergraduate essay ever, I’ve been left with some spare time before I have to start revising for my exams. Naturally, this is being spent usefully lurking on the internet, but on Sunday I decided to take a break from this exhausting pursuit to make some biscuits! This recipe isn’t suitable for vegans, although it would be pretty easy to adapt if you were to substitute the egg and use vegan cocoa powder. I got the recipe from a very cute book called “1 Dough, 50 Cookies“, which I picked up in a publisher’s clearance bookshop for only £2.00 as I needed something to bulk up my purchase so I could use my card. This recipe seriously makes a lot of cookies, so you could halve it or freeze half the dough and still have plenty.

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