The Final Term

25 Apr

It seems so weird that this is my last term as an undergraduate. In about two months I’ll have finished my final exams and nervously awaiting the results, and in three months time, I’ll be graduating and have a shiny set of letters after my name! andgreyskies BA(Hons) has quite a ring to it. I’m still ridiculously nervous about not getting into my master’s course, and I think I will be until I find out the mark for my dissertation. For now though, I have one more essay to write and another horrendous Greek exam on Monday, which although I’ve been revising for, I’m almost certain that I will do badly in. Hopefully just not as badly as before… if I can get 60% (a 2:1), which I will honestly be overjoyed, so today will be spent trying to hammer in what I’ve ‘learnt so far’.

I’ve also got my exam timetable, and it is horrible. My twenty-first birthday is on the 16th of June…
17th June 9:30 Greek Language
18th June 14:00 Greek Tragedy
19th June 9:30 Art and Architecture
The last exam is irritating as it’s on a Saturday, so that means I’ll only be doing half a day at work (or maybe I’ll miss it altogether!) so will get paid less.

Talking of work, I worked three afternoons last week and Saturday, so I shall be enjoying a nice fat paycheck to go along with my student loan coming in and the start of the month (when my living expenses come through). I’ll feel so wealthy until the rent comes out. I’ve also been asked to open the shop on the 23rd of June as Kate (the ‘supervisor’) is away at Glastonbury then. This is exciting because it means that I’ll hopefully be given more shifts next year. Emma, who also works with us on a Saturday and will hopefully be staying on for a master’s, also wants more hours next year, but is not in the bookshop’s good graces at the moment. She missed a lot of shifts in the holidays, apparently, and has also been annoying Kate with her constant boyfriend drama and moping around not doing any work.


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