In which I swear all I ever write about is work and food…

28 Mar

Firstly, the good news- it’s now the Easter holidays, my dissertation is handed in and I got an offer for my MA course! Just have to get a 2:1 and over 65% on my dissertation, which is achievable (I hope) if I slog away at my next essay, revision, and Greek. So things are a lot better than when I last blogged! It felt so good to hand in my dissertation, all bound and ready.

I’ve been hanging out with Giles last weekend, and this week I worked three days in the bookshop, so I didn’t manage to get much done. I also cleaned my house from top to bottom (excluding my housemates’ rooms) throughout the week! Now I’m back in London, which is good so far, although I already miss Giles, and I won’t be able to see him for two or three weeks- probably the longest time we’ve ever been apart for. Yesterday, I went out shopping and found some bargains in Gap- I bought an grey trench-coat style jacket, reduced from £69.50 to £34.99 which was quite the bargain, and some half-price pyjama bottoms. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the new season’s stock in yet, but you can’t argue with half price! I also bought a book that I’ve wanted for a while, Vegan with a Vengeance. Irritating that it’s reduced by a lot on amazon, whereas I paid full price, but never mind, that’s how bookshops manage to stay open. It was recommended to me by a friend at work, and so far I’ve seen quite a lot of recipes I want to try making! Although I’m not vegan (I eat organic dairy and free-range eggs), I don’t eat cheese so most vegetarian cookery books are useless to me! It also means I can share the recipes with my vegan friends, which is a plus. I’ll have to post on here the recipes that I try, and the results. I think I shall make a (non-vegan) cake later in the week from one of my mum’s awesome old-fashioned cookery books so I’ll post photos of that as well. This is such a food blog.

I never realised how much I used my left thumb…

A sad food related story, now. A few weeks ago I bought a new, sharp, knife. My knives before this cost something like £4 in Ikea for four, so were not the sharpest although they served me fairly well. I was dicing (?) some spring onion, pushing it forward with my thumb, when -chop- I realised I had chopped into my thumb! With all the blood (fingers tend to do this), I couldn’t see how injured I was, and because the knife was so sharp I didn’t feel how much it cut me. Luckily, it turned out not to be too bad, and the worse I had done was cut through my nail and into the nail bed a bit, hence the blood. Where I’ve cut into the nail is so irritating though- meaning I have to keep a plaster onto it, or it gets caught on just about everything. Hopefully it will grow enough soon that I can cut the damn thing off without leaving the nail bed exposed. I did read online about putting superglue on it to hold the nail together, but it seems like a very bad idea when I have a cut under it.

I have learnt in this time, that my left thumb is the one I use the most- it is my yoghurt lid opening thumb, my shower-gel opening thumb, my texting thumb (fail iPhone only recognises actual fingers, not ones with plasters on), my bottle-lid undoing thumb, my helping-to-pick-things up thumb. Poor right thumb, I never appreciated how left out you must have felt!


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