The Past Week

30 Jan

It’s been a busy week! So I’m going to split up the things I’ve done into sections to make it easier. It’s quite a food-heavy entry, I’ve just realised, but maybe that’s because I’m hungry as I’m writing it!


I’m a member of the Animal Welfare and Vegetarian Society at my university, and every week we go out for a meal to a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. This week we went to Habibi, an Arabic restaurant in Coventry. I’ve been there once before, also with the Society. It’s a really nice restaurant, and very atmospheric. However, I find that the food is a bit hit and miss. Last time I went, I ordered the ‘Batata Harah’, which a potato and pepper dish with garlic. It was pretty tasty. I also got falafel and rice with vermicelli and vegetables, both of which are so delicious! I ordered them both this time as well. However, I also ordered  ‘Loubia Bizet’  green bean dish, which was horrible! Definitely not a success. The restaurant has a ‘Beoudin tent’ outside, where they serve drinks (no alcohol though) and shisha. Last time I went, we had a rose flavoured shisha, which tasted like rose Turkish delight; this time, however, we just had some hot drinks. Although it’s outside, there is a brazier and heaters, which keep it surprisingly warm! I’d recommend it if you want something different, but the service is quite slow, so not one for a quick meal! Here is a link to their website. I’m really glad I joined the Animal Welfare society. The people I’ve met through it have all been lovely so far, and our socials are always really good fun.

The Animal Welfare society is also planning a ‘Go Vegetarian Month’, starting from the second of February, which is quite exciting! I get to have proteges, or ‘Veggie buddies’, as I should be calling them. I’m a little bit nervous about having lots of people I don’t know assigned to me, but I’m sure it will be fine. Fifty people have expressed interest on facebook, and it’s fantastic that this many people want to give vegetarianism a go. Giles had decided to go vegetarian for the month as well, which is also awesome. Although I don’t mind if my partner chooses to eat meat, I’d obviously prefer people I like to be vegetarian. Giles already doesn’t really cook meat for himself and only eats it when out (or on a pizza), so we’ll have to see how it goes.


Argh! I have so little time left to do it, so I really need to get working on it. However, I went and saw my dissertation tutor on Thursday morning, and he was really enthusiastic about my topic. The title I’ve decided upon is “How did the Grand Tour influence English interior design?”. I now need to finihish off my Art and Architecture essay, and get working on my dissertation, as it has to be in by the end of this term, which is just frieghtening.


Giles gets a whole section to himself (well, he has to share it with more food, predictably), because I’ve seen him quite a lot this week! He came round mine on Thursday evening, and I made us Thai curry. I usually just buy the ready-made sauce which comes in a jar, but this time I had to combine curry paste with coconut milk! I made enough for a small army, I think- loads of quorn, potatoes and vegetables, not to mention rice and naan. I thought it was pretty tasty though! Giles stayed round mine that night, and we watched Se7en, which we’ve been intending to see for a while. It was good, quite creepy in parts though! On Friday morning, Giles went off to Nottingham, while I went to my lectures and then onto Birmingham to do some shopping. We headed back to his that evening, and stayed up way too late and drank far too much (as I regretted this morning before work…).


Shopping time! I feel s0 shallow writing about what I bought, but here I go. I got Giles an anniversary card, and for myself, I managed to successfully achieve my two worst kinds of shopping- jeans and shoes. I bought some jeans from Gap, which I would post a picture of, but they’re not on Gap’s American website. They’re straight-cut and dark, and were relatively painless to find! The shoes are ballerina type shoes, that I will sort out a photo of when I get home. After I had shopped, I met up with Giles and we went for dinner in Pizza Express, where I had my usual, the Zucchine Funghi with no cheese. Delicious! It was really nice to spend time with Giles as well, although it always is. 🙂


One Response to “The Past Week”

  1. Rachael February 2, 2010 at 21:09 #

    I’ve watched Se7en a few times. It is pretty good. I quite like the ending. Me and Derick watched Law Abiding Citizen while he was here at Christmas which I liked as well.

    Speaking of all the food, me and Derick have a new community where we pick a recipe each every 2 weeks, both make it and both post about it. Quite a nice little thing we get to “do together” I guess. 🙂

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